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August 23, 2012
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Layton stood by the bathroom door, wondering if he had done anything to unnerve Descole. The man had been at least ten to fifteen minutes behind that door.

'Perhaps he has escaped?' Layton frowned and sighed, it wouldn't have surprised him if the villain had made a dash for it but nevertheless, he politely knocked on the door.
"Descole? Are you quite alright?" He was left unanswered for a moment; however someone had to be in there because the door was locked.

"Descole?" After calling out a second time, the door unlocked and even opened to reveal Descole leaning against a wall and looking away stubbornly "I was suffering from an unusual sickness" He still refused to look at Layton. Although Layton wouldn't admit it, he found it amusing how awkward Descole seemed to feel about admitting to taking ill.
"Well, I'll help you back to the bed" He raised his eyebrow when he heard the villain growl "I can go there myself." He snapped back through gritted his teeth; Descole had enough of looking weak, he swayed towards the bedroom as Layton followed suit and sighed, he almost forgotten how tricky Descole was.

Descole sat down slowly on the bed, still looking away from Layton. Layton couldn't help but think he done something to agitate the man, but what was the question.

"It's rather late, should I leave you here to sleep? I'll bring up some pain killers and water for the morning" The only response Layton received was a brief nod, so Layton turned on his heel and left the scientist to his own thoughts.

Layton sighed when he went downstairs, sorting Descole's water and tablets. Descole was acting strange, sure the man was always rather mysterious, but the atmosphere was definitely different.
_____________________________________Le Dream~________________________________________

The buildings of Paris beautifully illuminated their golden rays against the mixed purple and orange skies. Descole was on top of the marvellous Eifel tower, viewing down upon the many homes of other French citizens. He averted his gaze to the luminous river's reflection of the tall world wonder and the flickering of relaxing dark waves.
Next to him, was an English gentleman, also taking in the scene before them, he looked over at the Englishman who was looking back at him with a kind, adorable smile.
"Thank you for taking me here Jean, it's so magnificent" The man's gentle voice echoed as the French villain found himself wrapping an arm around the Englishman's waist and holding him close so they were cuddling.
"Heh, thought you would like it here...Hershel"

Descole jolted himself awake as he panted from his half dream and nightmare. He was sweating from shock and found that his throat was dry. He looked over to the end table to find water and tablets, he quickly took the tablets and gulped down the water. He put the glass back down and tried to figure out what his sub consciousness was telling him.
"This...really can't be happening!" Descole growled and slammed his fist against one of the pillows. His dream was humiliating, frustrating and had made him realise something deep down that made him wish he had just died from the fall instead of finding out that...
He had feelings for the Great Professor Layton.

I'm baack guys, sorry been taking some time, not been online very much :iconotlplz:
well he's part 4 anyway!
and later will be smexy times :iconlaytonrapefaceplz:
please see [link] SyberiaWinx's DesLay fic
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awww! *^* This dream is gorgeous! I love really how your write DesLay ;)
Descole don't stop to growled! XD He is shy? <3
I read the next chapter! èvé
Thank's for DesLay!
shion-law Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
haha thank you~
haha nah, hes just in shock that he fell in love with the person he's supposed to hate xD
its okay, I notice the lack of DesLay fanfiction so I thought I could supply :3
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