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July 24, 2012
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The island of Ambrosia was an interesting sight indeed for travellers and adventure seekers. The land was mainly forest terrain with large, green, tropical trees. The green canopy danced together, glowing like emerald and flourishing in the clear blue light of the sky. The breeze of the sea enlightened the now quiet island despite all the chaos created by Descole's plot which Layton was still at a loss as to figuring it out. What man would lure so many innocents into this and endanger their lives- including his own-to raise an ancient, abandoned island from the sea bed, only to attempt to destroy it due to the fact that someone else, Layton for that matter, had solved it instead? It was definitely puzzling.    

Layton had to admit; Descole was a strong, determined man and probably without a doubt the most mysterious of all his so called "rivals" and the most extraordinary to ponder about now and then.

The man kept his identity secret without any trouble. There were only five things that Layton could point out about the man which was one, he was a brunette and two he had short neat hair. Thirdly, he was undeniably French. Jean was a French name for John, even if it was a fake name; why else would he have chosen a French one? However the French accent was faint in tone, he sounded more British than any other nationality hinted in his voice, but Layton was certain about that clue, the deep (Layton mentally noted the word 'sexy' but automatically erased the word from his mind about several times) voice was heavily masked in the English accent but after hearing him speak multiple times, Layton realised his pronunciation of his vowels were shorter than how an Englishman would pronounce them. Next was the way the man would smirk... it was very peculiar somehow, he knew someone once in his life with an identical smirk but unbelievably enough Layton couldn't even tell who it was and according to his assistant Emmy-Layton's memory was atrocious and he could very well agree with her on that. Layton always focused on Descole when he smirked to see if there were any similarities to anyone he knew in the past. The smirk underlined how daring and proud the man was and most likely how amused he was that Layton still hadn't figured him all out yet. It was also rather intimidating, challenging and certainly not sexy...and that is where this thought stops thank you very much.
Lastly, Descole was notably quite young. He was definitely younger than Layton, perhaps in his late 20s to early 30s. His frame was sculptured with the fairness of youth; obviously lean yet muscular as he showed no problems with flexibility and agility-as Layton had secretly admitted to himself he was far too 'old' to be flaunting about like that as Descole would show off every skill he had when given the chance as Layton on the other hand, after doing any tough physical activity such as running away from wolves, would ache secretly afterwards.

Why? Layton would muse-did he seem to feel touchy around the thought of Descole? Whenever the thought occured, Layton would try his best to push it away or he will become curious...or somewhat embarrassed as to why he would think of the man much more than he should.

Layton searched around the forest floor of the island's woodland. He hoped to find any trace of Descole. The man and he were fighting, resulting to Descole slipping and falling off from at least a disastrous 60ft drop from the machine to the forest. Layton knew that despite the horrendous height and the low chance of survival that Descole couldn't have died. The man was too quick and highly intelligent, he would have survived no matter what. He had to have survived. He was the type of man to survive anything. A fall like this would have seemed like nothing to the scientist.
'Well, I honestly think he survived...' Layton couldn't bear the thought of the man dying like this. It would have been dreadfully tragic if so as no-one would have known if he did live, any family member or friend would have been crushed and most importantly, Layton would have been devastated to know if the man had died. For reasons he didn't quite understand...

Finally, after about two hours of searching, a body was spotted laying on what appeared to have been a huge branch and a pile of leaves. That person happened to be the man who had occupied his thoughts for the past hour.
Layton ran over to the unconscious villain's body and put two fingers swiftly over the man's cold neck, a slight surge of hope rising within his heart mixed with a hint of worry.

He was alive

Layton took a deep, slow breath to calm his nerves. He gently turned the man over and checked for any injuries. The unconscious man hadn't broken anything, no bleeding could be seen, and his clothes weren't even tattered from the fall. However, he had a noticeable swollen, purple bruise on the side of his left cheek. His mask, hat, boa and earmuffs were correctly in place.
Delicately as possible, Layton put one arm underneath Descole's knees and another under the curve of his back and steadily lifted the man up so he was carrying him. He sighed in relief to find Descole was fairly light and to see Descole's mouth was open and moving, indicating that the man was breathing perfectly normally. Layton couldn't look away from the unconscious man's face; he looked so peaceful...which was rare to see from the easily angered man.

He turned his attention towards the nearby rescue plane that he had asked earlier to wait for him as he went to out to find his "brother". Layton already told Emmy to take Luke and head back home to rest, it had been a rather long day for them and a young self proclaimed apprentice of Layton's and an energetic lady needed their rest and also, after the events they both had endured, Luke for one had almost been killed by Descole's machinery contraction and Emmy had to sit in her plane with a half naked police officer for heaven's sake. Rest was very well deserved for them!

Layton emerged into the plane and sat down comfortably into a plane seat, holding Descole as various people crowded around to see if the man was okay. Thankfully none of them realised that Descole was the mastermind who had caused all the damage in the first place. Most of the people who saw Descole were already off the island.
Layton couldn't help but smile secretly to himself. He couldn't help but feel glad that he had found Descole, instead of the police finding him. Despite knowing the best place for a villain was prison, they would have locked him up for his entire life which Layton couldn't bear the thought of it. It was like a tiger brought up in the wild, free and righteous in the warm plains of Africa then suddenly becoming sanctioned in a zoo enclosure in the city of London, imprisoned away from its natural habitat forever. Descole was also a man of pure freedom; he wasn't the type to be put behind bars and stay sane.

Layton checked the unconscious man again; the man now had an ice pack, secured by Layton's hand over his bruised cheek. Layton couldn't get over how relaxed the man looked. He actually looked...endearing for a sadistic, evil criminal.
"Ar'ye okay good sir? Ye're looking a lil' flushed" A tall man with long brown hair approached as he asked, Layton managed to look up and smile back happily despite finding out he was blushing about the man in his arms.
"I'm quite fine thank you, probably just the heat getting to me. Such a scorching day don't you think?"   

As Layton made conversation, he mentally scolded himself. A gentleman should always have a clear head in an occasion such as this, not being caught staring at an injured villain because of how he looks when he's unconscious.
Layton looked out the nearest window to gaze upon the dazzling navy blue waves. The evening's sun brightly reflected from the shimmering, well-tempered ocean waters. Now, he had to figure out how to calm Descole down when he woke up.

Which was going to be quite the predicament to say the least.
First DesLay fanfict
I shall continue~
:icondescoleplz: :love: :icondatasslaytonplz:
please see [link] SyberiaWinx's DesLay fic
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I like it Shazzle This makes me miss our OTP :iconsadplz:
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