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August 16, 2012
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"YOU!" Descole growled, anger seething through his veins, the urge to choke this incompetent twat for ruining his well planned schemes was suddenly desirable. He jumped off the bed rapidly and wrapped his hands around Layton's neck, earning a gasp from his rival as he pushed him forcefully into the nearest wall, but before he could cause any harm the man, he fell back in agony, putting a hand behind his head before landing so he didn't damage his head.

"...this has got to be some foul joke" he grumbled to himself as he then started scowling at the blurred figure. He had forgotten about his physical state. Now his vision was ridiculously out of focus and the light hurt.

'Great, just great.' He closed his eyes and sighed, hoping that would at least stop his head spinning. However his eyes shot open when he felt thin, strong arms raise him up so he was being carried.

"T-The hell are you doing?! Put me down you insignificant bastard!" Descole yelled as he struggled in Layton's grasp, he wished to smack Layton several times-but he knew he was too weak to do so. Descole's cheeks flared brightly in embarrassment; there couldn't possibly be anything worse than your own rival holding you like you were some small bride! He felt utterly powerless, a feeling that Descole couldn't stand. He thrashed around but Layton's grip was ridiculously strong.

"Please don't be so loud and stop wriggling, I know this is strange but it's the only way in which you won't get let me put you down on the bed or I will continue holding you" Descole would have shouted in the man's face if it wasn't for the fact that he wanted desperately to be put down, he stopped struggling but looked away to avoid seeing his rival's face. He didn't want to seem so obedient, it went against his nature.
Layton lowered Descole gently onto the bed. Descole felt much more comfortable and found the pain now somewhat bearable. He brought himself to look up at Layton and give him one of his fiercest glares to warn him never to do that again. Although he mentally cursed at the fact he could still feel his cheeks burn. He noticed Layton smile as if he were his guardian, this day way just getting worse and worse.

"Please don't move, I'll get you some pain killers and water" Descole replied with a scoff as Layton turned around and left. Descole knew this was a great opportunity to escape, but there was no point. He wouldn't be able to get far in this condition and the chance that a wondering police officer could find him was far too great a risk to take. This was London after all.

He looked over to the door from which Layton left and began to think. He began to realise after a moment over thinking that Layton's soft toned voice showed that the man genuinely did care. He knew deep down that the man's gentlemanly nature wasn't just a farce but actually Layton's personality. What Descole wondered about most was why would the man still be so caring and considerate, after he had just almost strangled him? He didn't do anything either to defend himself...Unless he knew Descole was physically weak...but somehow, it didn't seem right. Something seemed odd about it, the caring nature, the rescuing and the surrendering...And it bothered Descole.

"Here" Descole flinched and noticed the man was right next to him with his hand held out, the palm containing tablets and the other hand holding a glass of water.  
"...Took you long enough" Descole grumbled and took the pain killers and water in defeat. Despite feeling confused due to the kindness, painkillers was what he needed right now. He put the tablets in his mouth and slowly drank the water. The feel of the liquid going down his throat felt like a blessing, he hadn't noticed how parched he was.

"Why ever would you of all people take me back to your own home? And why do you insist on helping me even though I could have strangled you to death?" he was becoming impatient with these unanswered questions roaming through his head; they needed answers and now.
Layton blinked at Descole, he was unprepared to come up with a reply to this sudden question but he had no choice. "Oh...well after your fall, I went to see if there was any evidence if you were alive..." Descole noted Layton's hat was covering his eyes, after various times where he had spy on Layton, he realised this was how he hid his emotions. Something that was apparently 'gentlemanly' "I found you unconscious by a tree branch. I thought it was better for me to find you than the police...I wanted to make sure you were okay. After all, I'm partly the reason as to how you fell..." He smiled sheepishly at Descole who in return raised an eyebrow. 'Was he...blaming himself?'

"...I knew you would become angry when you woke up." Layton looked up with a grim expression "I was somewhat prepared-"



"You gasped. Of course you weren't prepared" Descole pointed out matter-of-factly and smirked as he saw Layton's eyes widen and a light blush reach his cheeks, it felt good to catch the "almighty" professor Layton out.

Layton cleared his throat before talking. "Well, I didn't expect you to get attack so suddenly that is true. I dare say, I didn't think you would be able move much due to your weakened state. I resisted because it wouldn't be right to fight you back, I would never hurt an injured person, not even you."

"Hmph." Descole huffed, what was with Layton? His gentlemanly nature seemed to rule over his life. It was extremely irritating how nothing really got under this man's skin. It was such a boring reaction, the answer didn't sound truthful.
"Anyways, how are you feeling? I'm sure the painkillers must be taking some affect by now" Layton inquired, he wanted to know if he was any good assistance to the weakened man.
"I feel wonderful" Descole remarked sarcastically. Behind the mask he rolled his eyes. Layton was seriously getting on his nerves. When did the damn Archaeologist professor become a bloody nurse? But he knew he should give him a proper answer "I'm Fine. I'm better than what I was..." After he said that sentence, he struggled to swallow. Layton smiled happily at the stubbornly given answer. The smile was really bright...He felt his cheeks burn as the image of the gentleman smiling was fresh in his mind, it was really...cute-

'Cute?! What the f*ck?!' Descole staggered to get up again, only to feel petite warm hands on his stiff shoulders. He froze as he felt himself flinch at Layton's feminine touch.

"Careful Descole, you're still in quite bad condition, I don't want you falling over again" Descole noted the hint of worry in his voice, but it only seemed to fuel his need to get out of the room and fast.

"I...need to be excused." Descole found himself darting away from Layton's hands and swiftly reaching the bathroom, closing the door and resting against it, panting heavily.
He went over to the mirror and took his hat and mask off, refusing to look at his reflection, he washed his burning face with water and patted it dry. He put his mask and hat back on and began to analyse some physical symptoms he felt after Layton's smile. His heart was pounding and he felt like he was shaking with something other than the usual adrenaline rush he often felt. His stomach was in knots and his breathing was ragged.  

What was happening and why?
I've been on high dosage medication so I've been kinda slow guys, please forgive mee~ :iconpweaseplz:
anyways hope you enjoy this!
please see [link] SyberiaWinx's DesLay fic
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awww <3 It's always super! >v< They are so cute and... *^* Grr Descole <3
I love love your fictions! =D
The relationship between can be so lovely to so hatred filled, its so thrilling!
thank you very much, its kinda my first ever fanfiction :D
murdoc443 Aug 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yaysyayayayayayayayayayayayays!!! thank god for this chapter to come... GO DESCOLE...I LOVE DESCOLE!
I'm glad you like it :3
murdoc443 Aug 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
but, descole is a bit of a handful if you think oh it! :iconjimgagaplz:
TheFeltHat Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I accept the love :iconiloveyouplz: and the love is returned
:iconglompplz: thank you so much :iconiloveitplz:
TheFeltHat Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have definitely got the right moment in that icon there XD
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